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Hello and welcome! 


Who be me?

 I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, yes...just like the movie if you catch me in the right mood, you may even hear a "ya-sure-u-betcha". I was the awkward geek in High School who after graduating, swapped the little town for the big city to persue my dreams of loosing that Fargoian accent. ;)

    Living out of sublet shoebox of an apartment in NYC, I played some silly roles in some silly films and worked on Broadway and performed on the gigantic stage at Radio City Music Hall. I booked my first ever national television commercial spot for Dr. Pepper which was an amazing dream come true. Apparently this was a bit of a fluke as they say you never book your first ever audition.

     I visited Los Angeles just before the turn of the millenium and fell in love with the city, the vibe and the ocean. I traded the concrete jungle for the beach in 2001. I threw everything I owned in my car and drove cross country to the sunny beaches of Southern California where I continued acting and modeling. I landed a small role on a little soap opera called General Hospital and due to the fact that I grew up riding horses I landed my first hosting job with CMT. We taught city slickers how to rope and ride on a real working ranch in the Arizona desert.  "Cowboy U"....yeehaaaw!
     I've been very blessed with my career both in the USA and the UK. I've been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the most influential people in the UK as well as some of the most famous faces in the world. 

I was lucky enough become friends with my heros (Olympic gold medalists in Ice Dancing; Torvill and Dean) via ITV's smash hit Dancing on Ice. In 2006 I was head hunted by the UK network to star in the first series with Torvil and Dean teaching celebs how to skate. I went on to star in all 9 UK series and 1 Australian series. I made some of my best friends through a skating reality competition show which shaped and rocketed the rebirth of my presenting and hosting career on Food Network and Travel Channel to name a few and am now hosting loads of red carpets for premiers and presenting various global products for tradeshow and industrial events. 


Here's to the future and thanks for stopping by! 


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